TotalFinder – The missing app of Mac OS X

If someone asks me what I like about Mac OS X, I’d have so many things to say. But I if someone asks me to mention the missing features of Mac OS X, the first thing would come into my mind is the poor experience of Finder. It is the default Finder, that is never satisfactory to me.

But then I found TotalFinder, the amazing app comes with features exactly what you’ve ever dreamed. This fantastic app comes with some real good features to make your Machintosh experience satisfactory.

Tabs: It lets you open tab instead of a new window just like Google Chrome web browser.
Dual Mode: You’ll find the feature interesting whenever you try to move file.
Folders on Top: You don’t need to sort each folder by Kind now. This will make it easier.
System Files: By default Mac OS X doesn’t show System Files. Though there are commands for that from terminal, but probably that’s only for advance users. But TotalFinder brings this feature to you too.
Visor: Make TotalFinder just one key press away. This feature is disabled by default. Check this if you are interested on the functionality
Cut & Paste: I know, all of us were missing this vital feature for so long. This prominent feature is also brought to you by TotalFinder.

Advanced Feature
Asepsis: You can redirect creation of .DS_Store files. You can disable/enable creation of .DS_Store files on Network Disks.

You can download TotalFinder from
Enjoy TotalFinder 🙂


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