eASiA 2011 and Amadeyr Cloud

eASiA 2011, the annual International Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for development event with the objective of reinforcing technology and knowledge-centric growth and needs of Asia vis-à-vis Bangladesh, through capitalization of market economy and boosting human development. – e-asia.org

The 5th annual eASiA 2011 took place in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was a 3 days long event where 200 speaker from different countries attended. There were 100 exhibitors, 30 seminars and 5 workshops held in the event.

So, I had a chance to observe this even closely. Amadeyr Cloud, the company I am currently working for, had their won stall as a Bangladeshi ICT company who are trying to reach every person on the last mile and deliver information with modern technologies. Me with Adnan sir, Tasbeer vai, Raihan vai, Abir vai were in the stall and described our projects to the visitors. It was a nice experience talking and explaining things to a lot of people.

I also attended two seminars On the 3rd day of the event. One was titled ‘Beyond Connectivity: Sustainable business model for application and content’ where speakers from different countries described the sustainability of their own business model for the under privileged citizen. Mr. Imran Ali, CEO of Amadeyr Cloud also presented one of its pilot projects which was about delivering information to the people who live under poverty line and showed that the barrier of illiteracy can be overcome in case of delivering information. Another session I attended today was ‘Build your own Cloud’ and as I am working on Cloud Computing lately, so this was the session I was really waiting for. Dr. Mumit Khan, Brac University was the moderator of the session. He delivered the idea of including distributed computing and the fundamental cloud computing to the undergrad students. The key technical speaker of the session was Mohammad Zaman, Director – Solution Architecture of VirtuStream, USA. He described Cloud Computing and various cloud ecosystems to the audience. There were two other speakers Shinya Kukita, Ed Franklin, they also talked about the business opportunities involved in cloud computing.



From the beginning to the end we were trying to tell the visitors that, we are not selling those Android Tablets, we were there to demonstrate our projects. With lot of appreciations also there were people who got really angry as we weren’t telling them the price of the tablets 😀

The overall event went really great. All the exhibitors were given a crests from the authority. Brac University students were taking a survey on behalf BRAC using our android tablets and survey software. Many kids used our Akkhor application and wrote letters with happy faces.


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