Enable SSH on Fedora 16

A very quick post, I needed after a fresh Fedora 16 install.

Enable sshd service.

$ systemctl enable sshd.service

start sshd service

$ systemctl start sshd.service

check sshd status if needed.

$ systemctl status sshd.service

restart sshd service, when needed.

$ systemctl restart sshd.service

stop sshd service and duck down 😛

$ systemctl stop sshd.service

well, make sure you have port 22 open.

$ system-config-firewall

….and that’s all for this quick note.

7 thoughts on “Enable SSH on Fedora 16

  1. The use of ‘$’s on the command line suggest common users have the permission to issue these commands. This isn’t the case. Make sure you’re root (‘#’ on the command line) when you issue these commands.

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