Nilgiri: managing cloud is now easier

I am working on this Nilgiri project lately aiming to provide a flexible environment of managing private cloud or hybrid cloud to the end users as well as for the sysadmins to make managing cloud simpler than ever. So, someone doesn’t need a tech-expert just to run an instance or to take a snapshot for later use or may be an user want to change his server’s security group at this very moment and he doesn’t have to wait for the system admin to response.

My aim is to make a full featured web console for Eucalyptus cloud ecosystem and as Eucalyptus follows the AWS standard so eventually it will work on AWS too. Why choose Eucalyptus as a platform? Well, currently Amazon is the most widely used cloud service provider in the world and also AWS has become the De-facto standard for cloud APIs. Though Openstack was following the same APIs in the beginning but it seems that gradually they are moving towards Rackspace’s API standards. So, here I am targeting the mass of cloud users at this moment who are currently using AWS, perhaps at some point they will want a private cloud may be because of security, governance or for any other reason. Another possible scenario would be people who are using Eucalyptus on their own and want to share some resources or may be workloads with AWS or may be they want to have both. This tool can be helpful for both type of users.

Nilgiri Dashboard
Nilgiri Dashboard

Euca2ools is a fantastic piece of command line software like Amazon EC2 API Tool created by the eucalyptus enthusiasts and employees. And probably this is the only piece of software which includes all the features of Eucalyptus. But Amazon has got the webconsole that Eucalyptus didn’t have until now. There are few more propitiatory/shareware/open source are also there for a while and some of them are browser plugins. But the usage and the freedom is often limited.

Available Imgaes
Available Imgaes
Create/Edit/Delete Groups
Create/Edit/Delete Groups

Nilgiri back-end is Python powered, I used Boto, a python library for AWS, and here is the benefit of using a De-facto standard APIs, because it works perfectly with Eucalyptus too. There are few changes in the latest AWS APIs, but the legacy version APIs of the library are also there, sometimes with “_deprecated” tags, so it works fine with Eucalyptus 2.x.

I’ve used Django as the web framework. Well, no hard reason why didn’t choose web2py or Grok or any other out there. HTML5 has been used to develop the whole application with Twitter’s booming Bootstrap. And a cloud management tool wouldn’t be complete without ajax. For javascript, popular jQuery is heavily used in Nilgiri.

The project is under rapid development and current codes is located here on Github.

For any suggestion or issues please use Github Issues.



11 thoughts on “Nilgiri: managing cloud is now easier

  1. Does this project work with any cloud provider supporting EC2 API, or does it have eucalyptus specific implementation?

    Was it tested with any other cloud provider?

    Thank you!

    1. Hello.
      This project has been tested with Eucalyptus only. But as it uses Boto, so with little modification this should work with any EC2 based cloud platform.

      On a side note, the webUI has been improved a lot from the video, as well as the code pattern. More features have been implemented later. Modifying code base should be easier than before.

      Let me know if you have any other queries.


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