Presentation at BASIS SOFTEXPO 2012

Bangladesh Association of Software & Information Services (BASIS) has been organizing it’s annual mega event BASIS SOFTEXPO since 2003. This year I took a technical session on February 23, 2012 and I gave my speech to title “Next Generation Cloud Deployment: Self Help Is The Best Help!” and it was held in Bangabandhu International Conference Centre (BICC).

Adnan Quadri, one of my Amadeyr Cloud (ACL) colleagues was also there to present. He gave the beginning speech and talked about the importance of cloud computing in Bangladesh. How government of Bangladesh can be benefited with cloud computing and why it is really necessary to choose cloud computing as soon as possible.

Then I continued an hour long session. I talked about the importance of open source and why do we need openness in cloud. Then I discussed about Eucalyptus, what it is and who are using it world wide. Then I moved to private cloud, how people are coming to private cloud solution and the benefits of private cloud. Then one of the most important topics came up, why Amazon AWS API? and just after that another most important topic “Openness In Cloud Formula”


After that big topic, again moved to Eucalyptus and it’s features and components. Also discussed about the new features of Eucalyptus 3.0. Showed them the several ways to try out Eucalyptus and concluded my talk by summarizing Eucalyptus platform.


Then again Adnan Quadri came and discussed few Amadeyr Cloud services. He focused on the unique Amadeyr Information Delivery System via Cloud Computing and the Amadeyr Cloud App Market. He also mentioned the Okkhor app, the fantastic app to learn writing Bangla in a very interactive way.

Adnan Quadri discussing about Amadeyr Cloud
Adnan Quadri discussing Amadeyr Cloud

The audience was really fantastic and interactive too. Through out the session we asked few questions and correct answer providers got Eucalyptus t-shirts. One interesting thing I’d like to share, during the session I mentioned the full EUCALYPTUS meaning for once and then after few moments I asked if someone can recall that or not, surprisingly there are few many hands and the first person who raised hand gave the correct answer without any mistake won one t-shirt of course.

Eucalyptus t-shirt winners
Eucalyptus t-shirt winners

Then we had a little question answer session. Finally, our CEO Mr. Imran Ali said few words to the audience about Amadeyr Cloud Ltd. and it’s fundamental objectives.

Amadeyr Cloud Ltd. is always there for the rural people with projects like Digits To All (DTA).

This was the first session in Bangladesh which discussed about Eucalyptus Platform. We hope the starter information is given already. We are also planning to organize few workshops in near future.

To download the presentation slide click here.

My first presentation at phpXperts seminar 2011

phpXperts is the biggest PHP community in Bangladesh. I am with the community for about 3 years. This year we organized the 5th phpXperts seminar at United International University, Dhaka. It was a full day seminar/workshop with 18 speakers with interesting topics.

This year, I took a session on the topic: Flying on the cloud.

My slides can be downloaded from here.